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Does Liberal Fascism exist.

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Does Liberal Fascism exist
Fascism” as a term has been abused by leftists over the decades, but it is a definable and concrete thing. Essentially, fascism is when a bunch of people criticize something they disapprove of or are offended by, and ask that the thing or person that offends them not be rewarded in some fashion. 

Like the Inquisition. Or the gulags. (“That term may be perverse, but it is not an exaggeration.”) Or honour killings. Or Orwell’s “Thought Police.” Or racist minstrelsy.Or McCarthyism

s have so many so-called progressives exercised so much violent aggression against their enemies. It is indeed a dark time to be considered an enemy of the left-liberal alliance, as so many recent Brexiteers and Trumpeteers victims can attest. I would submit, and I know it is anecdotal but I know quite a few people in the UK who refused to tell Pollsters (or their own community) their intention to vote for Brexit  for fear of being ridiculed, sneered at by a biased media, by institutions such as the BBC etc, I am USA  this true of Trumpeteers.  And if it is true is this not Liberal fascism in action? for if one cannot speak one's mind out of fear, surely this is fascism.

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