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The two Liberal 'progessive' views to explain away Donald Trump

 There is a liberal progressive endeavour to explain away Donald Trump.

1) One is trying to explain away the Trump phenomenon; the ashes from which this demi-God has arisen, and arguing that there are legitimate underlying currents that are explaining his success, i.e the rust belt, the white discontented; a perception of what immigration is doing to the values of the US of A. etc. Trump is iterating their discontents in his customary braggadocio style. 

Trump avows protectionism which appeals to the visceral of populism, and he is not the only one building walls, look what is 
happening in Israel, Hungary and other Europeans state and sites like Calais in France. Walls are comforting boundaries, empirically brick on brick to become a plaster and concrete mother to the frightened herd. My view is the 'herd' is justified in being afeared as their values are undermined
and eroded by a media driven Liberal concensus.

2)The other Liberal 'progressive view is:  No, this guy is a deranged fascist, we must mock him and do nothing but criticise him. See the wholesale personality slaughter of Trump
by Liberal comedians (Bill Maher et al).  Which causes one to wonder why are there no
'Right Wing' comedians. 

Surely there is a thesis in that, maybe even a PhD. Yes, the nature of laughter itself as a momentary cackling insanity; I always think of Darwin when I see an audience cackling and guffawing with laughter at another 'liberal' stand-up comedian. I mean what can these comedians actually do apart from talk and complain.

What do you think?

I could go on talking about this but then the filibsuter is undemocratic.

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