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How Liberals love 'experts'

What reflects liberal culture is their adoration of experts to validate their views They gather at the feet of someone who appears to be a great authority figure and who preaches to the converted, consolidating their beliefs. This is the culture of liberalism. 

As Thomas Frank argues, a  great example is to look at the New York Times op-ed page and how many of the contributors are academics' one could say this applies to media in general.   The media that loud hailers you  are Consigliere's or the Praetorian Guard  for the Liberal elite in those cushy posts in the Universities.
Did you ever hear an illiberal view emanating from the Universities?
The problem with 'Experts' is that they are not actually experts, also idea of going to experts is both supine and problematic?
It is very easy to dress up a problem under the label 'expertise'.  That person with his megaphone across the street loud hailering (in dulcet tones of course) must be an expert we are led to believe.

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