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Obama crudely blames 'crude populism' on UK Brexit.

President Obama recenty lamented the “crude populism” he said had driven Britain’s decision to leave the EU.

But is this in itself not a very crude observation on the millions and millions of UK citizens who voted to leave the EU and is it so arrogant, it smacks of the schmoozy,  academic technocrat he essentially is.

Is it not crude to come to someones elses country and endeavour to frighten them into voting for your views, 'if you don't you will be back of the queue', It could be argued he swung the argument to Brexit all those working class voters alienated by this schmoozy academic dripping with privelage.

His wife's recent hand jiving television appearance with Jamie Corden was populism at its most crude.  Has he not heard of the dignity of office? With respect, perhaps he should look closer to home when it comes to crudity.

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