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Self realisation is to realise there is no self.

Self-realisation can come to a dead end type cul de sac

If it fails to capture  the reality of human interdependence. 

People are not discrete stand along packages of potential ready to be unwrapped, the self is constituted by others
and by socio, economic and politico influences;  we exist in connection to others and our flourishing usually depends on the flourishing of others. 

For Foucault

, the subject is autonomous in the sense that it is capable of critique, but this critique has no 

contextual. Therefore, as Foucault states, "The historical ontology of ourselves must turn away 

from all projects that claim to be global or radical," for we know from experience that "the 

claim to escape from the system of contemporary reality so as to produce the overall programs 

of another society, of another way of thinking, another culture, another vision of the world, 

has led only to the return of the most dangerous traditions".[

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