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'Freedon for all', indeed, but not at the cost of those who fought and died for freedom

One of  liberalism’s dominant mantras is 'freedom, yes freedom from...well oppression...from all kinds of ...well, oppression and...freedom for all. 'What do we want?'  Freedom, freedom for all.'

Liberalism assumes freedom as the natural state of being; this is insultingly ahistorical.

The counter argument is that 'freedom' has to be nurtured by the right relationships and institutions and a recognition of the founding fathers/sisters of this so easily arrived at word, Freedom

So if you blithely demand as you march under banners, shout, proclaim 'freedom for all' if in doing so you the  ignore  founding constituents of the very freedom you are calling for,  you are abusing freedom in your rush to 'freedom for all.'   

One can't cream off the top of the 'freedom cake' without knowing and acknowledging who made, fought and died for this cake of 'freedom'.
To make that freedom cake you need the proper ingredients.

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