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Is UKs Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn as much an extremist as Donald Trump?

Is Jeremy Corbyn (Labour Party Leader in the UK)  as much an extremist as Donald Trump?

Is Merkel as much an extremist as the populist AFD (alternatives for Germany)?

Are the UK's 'Brexiteers'more extreme than the UKs 'Remainians'?

How do we define extremist?
An extremist is a person who holds extreme political views and advocates extreme action,

 I think we can safely say that of Mr Corbyn, and as some would argue and I would humbly submit,
Corbyn's appoitment is the worst political appointment since Caligula appointed his horse as a Senator

(Caligula was the popular nickname of Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus (31 August AD 12 – 24 January AD 41), Roman emperor.
PS . You've go to put these 'I would humbly submit' caveats in for we don't want to summon the demon, social media. 

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