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What are 'little things'?

I know of an inveterate contrarian, me!  As  a child at the age of 4 or was that 5
I recall saying to my mother ’  ‘What is it all for Mammy?’ when one of the neighbouring kids had hurt my feelings. 'There, There; she would console as she dabbed my eyes  over some momentary hurt.

‘There, there, little fella ‘you mustn’t cry over little things.’ I  tried to think this through, but failed. So, after two or three days, I asked: ‘Mammy, what are “little things?”’
'Well little things are....ah, I will talk to you later.'

Ever since the 'little fella' wherever he turned, found that little things,  which he deemed were furiously wrong captured his eye.  And ever since adopting a kind of authorial fiat, not many little things has  escaped his wrath.
Freely adapted from Source: Huckleberry Finn

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