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Am I just here to fulfill a purpose of a creator?

Image result for human puppetsReal  critical thinking requires that one seeks and take seriously the arguments of those who disagree with them and who might be directly in opposition to them politically or religiously.

Now I don't find any need to seek anything "spiritual," and if I meet people who are 
spiritual who like to drone on about one's soul, mind, essence, spirit, it make me hopping mad, so much for accommodating different views, however so keen am I to alter my own set in stone views, I am prepared to listen.

'But life would not be worth living if you did not have an immortal soul.' say the man sitting opposite me sipping his latte

'Whaaaat?' I expostulate,  I am a good listener (irony)  'Aren't you a tad confused about meaning

'How so?'

'Well... you are  conflating a teleological universe (one that has a purpose) with a purposeful life. They have no relation to one another. The universe may be designed for a reason by some being or group of beings, but my life doesn't thereby become meaningful. In fact, if I were created only to fulfill a purpose given to me by my creator, my life would seem meaningless to me. I would be a puppet or plaything of the creator, or you God, Deity or whatever you want to call him...or her.'

'But there is no real meaning to your life!'

'Sarte and Camus accepted that there was no real meaning to their lives but that acceptance gave them more meaning..we're not here to fulfill anybodies plan, unless we are living in a simulation.'

'Oh don't start on those science fiction obfuscations.'

Well they may be science fiction now but may not be tomorrow.


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