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On being an aesthetic materialist

On being an aesthetic materialist

What is that supposed to mean?

Materialism asserts the primacy of the material world,Image result for materialism
 matter precedes thought
thought is a reflection of the material world.

Following on from that:

it means that my beliefs are as follows -  although I will grant you that my beliefs are theories

  •  I believe the universe is material
  • that there is no non-material reality
  • that the universe had no creator and has no objective meaning or destiny, 
  • that belief in spirits and gods are delusions,
  • that churches have no real use except to provide social support, 
  • hat values arise from biological determinants
  • that consciousness is a purely physical process althought I grant you that is very much a theory 
  •   and that there is no afterlife.
In the end all sensations, feelings, emotions,  are just atoms discharging against each other
  • So there!  Aren't I a one?

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