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UK Referendum, when negation became the God of the leavers.

There are some 'Remainians' who claim the youth of the UK post Brexit  are now entombed
in an airless rancid environment,of cultural insularity, by way of contrast  they make no mention of the rancid smell of free loading and parasitic behaviour of Brussels beurocrats.

They, the intelligentsia, claim that immigration and the EU has been a bandwagon that the populace has a free ride on.  They point to  the plasticity of such excuses - ie you have to blame someone for your lot. In such a view,  the job stealing
migrant, the benefit guzzling migrant and the culture destroying immigrant will do..

At this point one wonders where the bien pensant thinkers/writers actually live, do they all live in Islington with immigrant gardeners and domestic help, is there a cordon sanitaire around them and the real world?  The overcrowded nightmare that London has become. How are the endless sights of pathetic immigrant huddled in doorwaysselling the Big Issue aiding the economy?

So the 'intelligentsia' with their easy access to the media continue to froth in that liberal Wailing Wall way. Why do they always feel so injured, is it because in a complaint society you feel justified and have a cause?

 I listened and watch the debate on the UK Referendum throughout, all I could discern was that the mantra coming from
the 'Remainian's was the economy, (its the economy stupid, remember the Clinton mantra and his money mantra a view that is coming back to haunt the aspirations of his wife) yes, the pound in your pocket, relentlessly and robotically they
produced empirical data in their neo-liberal, tenchnocratic world view, dismissing in an arrogant and cavalier fashion something far more important than money - the subjective emotions of the majority.

So these people, the 'Remainians', the bien pensant, the privilagd in that cavalier fashion dismissed what was the essential ingredient for the Brexiteers and it wasn't solely money it was subjective emotions and for these people who voted to Brexit negation temporalily became their God
and two finger went up to those globlalised elites. Facts don't work, you have got to connect with the populace emotionally, ie it is not all about filthy lucre.

The Remainians felt they had used 'reason' - the economic argument
they did not allow for the cunning of the Brexiteers  unreason.

The Referendum vote 52% Leave 48% Remain points to a divided UK nation

I would submit the 'leavers' do not want a fundamental restructiring of their lives through immigration
by unelected, faceless EU beurocrats, two fingers went up to that half of the UK that were winners in their globalised, neo liberals playing fields, for the Brexiteers they felt events were accumulating and that their voices were unheard, they voted with a determined refusal to be driver further from their commons

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