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'Remainers' it wasn't sweet music you heard it was screams from the Coliseum.

To overview the recent UK Referendum we would do well to look at the history of the Roman Empire

The Romans also invited all (think Merkel) to come in, everybody was welcome, (England and especially London has been  changed beyond recognition  by immigration).for their Empire needed maintenance and to be blunt they needed slave labour.  Until there was a rising of the downtrodden and the Empire fell. Apocryphal if one cares to compare Roman Empire to the bloated EU, 28 countries annexed so far and counting.

We could make a similar analogy here, the fat cats, usually and almost universally white men in suits
who run the EU and are in the higher echelons of UK Government to a man/woman wanted to REMAIN  in the EU, they who live in the hills and thought the squeaks coming from a large part of the citizens in the UK were lutes, or lyres, but they found to their cost is was screams from
the downtrodden's form of a Coliseum. 

Tortured by lack of recognition in their plight of overcrowding in schools. medical centres, their wages being undercut by immigrant labour, the indigenous populace  cried out and now they have their way and democracy has its day.

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