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The quantum world that creates ours is not physical

In the Matrix the physical world the character previously saw was an illusion, a construct created by programs in another physical world.  But hey, that's Hollywood!

Virtuality  theory is not that idea, that our physical world is created by another physical world.

 In virtual realism, the quantum world that creates ours is not physical.

Quantum theory tells us that quantum states appear and disappear in a way that physical states cannot, tunnel past barriers no physical particle can pass, ignore speed of light limits when entangled and superpose as physical states cannot, e.g. a quantum current can go both ways round a circuit at once. 

What quantum theory describes is in every way physically impossible, so physicality cannot be its base.

So we have no way of understanding the real physics of reality.” (Deutsch, 1997) 

That another physical world creates the physical world we see is not logical, possible or necessary. Quantum theory already describes the processes that create physical events, but we deny them as impossible on the hardware we know. 

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