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Esse est percipi (“To be is to be perceived”)

That the mind creates reality is illustrated by optical illusions,

 but that our brain constructs our reality doesn’t mean that there isn’t a real world out there. 

As Einstein said, surely the moon still exists if no-one is watching it? 

Solipsism solves the quantum observer effect by making everything an observer effect, but if no tree falls in a forest if no-one sees it, what made history? 

Did we fabricate the millions of years of dinosaurs before we came along? 

 Almost no-one today takes solipsism seriously. In quantum realism, no tree can fall in a forest unseen because the ground it hits “sees”

In quantum realism, the physical world is a construct created by quantum events.

So there is a real world out there, it just isn’t the physical world we see. The physical world as an interface, generated by an underlying quantum reality, isn’t objectively real but neither is it a fantasy. It mediates reality, as an "Existence is perception", i.e. what is real is created by what we see. 

In quantum theory, observing a spreading quantum wave makes it take a physical point state, so the quantum observer effect is that observation creates the physical event. 

In physical realism, an observed physical reality somehow makes a conscious observer but in quantum realism a real observer makes a virtual reality. If solipsism is one player game, then quantum realism is a massively multi-player game, with every photon, electron and quark a “player”.

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