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We need a reinvention of what secularity means

Some will thrust aside these thoughts  with fury, or condescenting pity, yet, who knows, one might even get eager endorsements 

However, historically it is undeiable that Religions, by themselves, have created both social bonds and government.

What the Enlightenment could not enlighten was its inabilityto illumine in itself, was the undergirding of  A messianic, mystical, prophetic, divinatory and vaticinatory mode whose incendiary effects may well prove more impressive than those of fascist, revolutionary, surrealist, avant-gardist or mystical exaltations of all types.

For instnace, what do we extrapolate from the word 'sacred'? Is there human desig in around this word? Of course there is, the etymology or even the nosology (the naming of medical things) IN SUCH HUMAN MANOEUVRING THERE is a minefield of self interest, power mongering by dominant interests (Religions/Institutions) etc.

iN LOOKING AT THE WORD 'Sacred' we should also look to the dissolution or deconstruction of the very notion of meaning, and the postulate the notion of words such as 'sacred' covers; we must arm ourselves against the expectation or signification of such words.

We laicize or defrock religions in order to situate secularity beyond the wear and tear of established religions. we pass by the temptations of that  spiritualizing deluge. We do not spend our time in the fruitless sublation of denying or contradicting;  or negating for we are sur religious in our secularity, in a kind of Kierkegaardian surpassing.

We might stop casting reason's light on its own obscurity, stop bathing 'it' with light, but in acquiring the art, the discipline and the strength to let the obscure emit its own clarity if chooses to do so.

We shoud not employ our time on the legitimate condemnation of  Christianity, from its divestiture, or breaking down of thinking to the ignoble exploitation or human pain and misery.

We might interrogate the conditions that permitted a so powerful and durablereligious domination exerted upon a world.

Christianity (and oher Religions) designates nothing other, essentially through an inaccessible simplicitY, tha the 'real' is elsewhere, which in turn has created an unconditional alienation. However, “unconditional” means non-indeconstructible.
We MUST stop looking for the meaning of the world outside of the world 

A great deal of sentiments in this post is extracted from a quite brilliant paper  by Bettina Bergo, see:

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