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The immigrarion confidence trick played on the British public by the Labour government

The Dream Golden Wheatfields the Reality Rusting Tractors


Now I take in the other citizens of this South of England enclave bracing the bitter cold with austere faces for we are in austere times, are we not? Here, a nod of thanks to Commissar Gordon Brown, in that ideological obdurate way,for his golden wheat field ideology which led to a rusting tractors legacy.  Such socialist beneficence has left us deep in monetary mire. Then there was Labours’ ‘open doors’ immigration policy that let 3 million in to shore up electoral vote in what for many smacked of gerrymandering.  Now when the current Labour Praetorian Guard are quizzed on their past immigration record in pre-Election interviews, it goes something like this: 

“But you let 3 million in; I can’t recall you asking the British public about this. I mean it was done in overwhelming defiance of the British people. So, why did you do it?”

“We have put our hands up and admitted we got it badly wrong.”

Immigration was never once mentioned in any Labour manifesto. No one voted for it...and a policy which was to change the face of Britain irrevocably was smuggled in under the radar, 
You put this to a Labour hearty singing the praiss of the European Union 
I put it to you, you did it purely for long-term electoral and short-term economic advantage.
 “Bur have admitted, we got it wrong.”
“You keep saying that, but can I put it to you that the assumption was that the new arrivals would all become naturalised and return the favour by voting Labour. So it was Tony Blair’s victory that ushered in the greatest mass migration in this country’s history. So why did you do it?”

“Look, wehave put our hands up and admitted that we got it wrong.”

Talk about the 5th Amendment.

You wonder about Gordon Brown, like Tony Blair, his bête noir; under the cloak of compassion he feasted in that vampiric way on victims as is the socialist’s way of claiming the moral high ground. But after they have climbed on the shoulders of the masses of victims out there it would appear, judging by Brown and Blair, they then forget the victims and slope off to make oodles of money. What they left, the remnants of their leftist gerry mandering was not the idealist golden wheatfield

bu they hav left the landscape strewn with the usting tractors of the mispaced ideology. What do Brown and Blair do about this, they go off to make oodles of money, to prove once again that their hearts always lay in their pockets.

 The apparatchiks who stood by their side as minions are now the Commissars and there was at one recent point in the UK political cycly the alarming possibility that ‘Red Ed’, that privileged, North London ingénue, who had never had a real job would  be steering the UK ship of state – God help us all. Still democracy, or is that mob rule, will have its say and the electorate knew best, or thinking of the imminent Referendum will Democracy/mob rule prevail. I fear not.

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