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The UK referendum that created an unlikeability fest of the political class.

An unlikeability fest of Olympic magnitude
has become evident from the British public as they began to dawn on them
that they are 'all' the product of a class which has next to no knowledge of life outside politics. Most if not all are humanities graduates
In the instance of the present governemnt in the UK they are all white men,   Oxford graduates in their forties, that goes forthe Prime Minister, the Deputy prime minister, and the Chancellor of the Exchequer. For many this homogeneity is grotesque.
In the referendum it has  dawned on the electorate that these white men in suits
(including all those beurocratic parasites in Brussels)  have no awareness of what it is to directly experience the quite extraordinary cultural change that has taken place in the UK in such a short space of time through immigration.
Yet, I must stop here, for although immigration is the mort important to arise since the 2nd World War one is not allowed to talk about it, not only is not allowed to talk about it in the UK
one is not legally allowed to talk about it,

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