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The caprice of self harm

This is a literary comment on the serious matter of self harm, and one would be advised to refer to Serious Medical Journals for a more developed causes to self harm

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Quite naturally one want to
live, in order to satisfy all one's capacities for life;

 and not simply my
capacity for reasoning, that is, not simply one twentieth of my
capacity for life.  

Beside What does reason know?  Reason only knows what it
has succeeded in learning (some things, perhaps, it will never learn;
this is a poor comfort, but why not say so frankly?) and human nature
acts as a whole, with everything that is in it, consciously or
unconsciously, and, even if it goes wrong, it lives. 

I suppose you are viewing me with compasssion
 I suspect you tell me
again that an enlightened and developed man/woman, cannot consciously desire anything disadvantageous but I repeat for the hundredth time,
there is a case, one only, when man/woman  may consciously, purposely,
desire what is injurious to himself, what is stupid, very
stupid--simply in order to have the right to desire for himself even
what is very stupid and not to be bound by an obligation to desire only
what is sensible.  Of course, this very stupid thing, this caprice of
ours, may be in reality more advantageous for us than
anything else on earth.

very often, and even most often, choice is utterly and stubbornly
opposed to reason

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