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EU Referendum riddled with biases

Whenever we find ourselves evaluatiing completing claims in a conflict we may find out our biases.

It is said one of the most beneficial things to ones thought processes is to confront someone with an
entirely opposing view to yours.

Which brings me to the UK Referendum

How can two men Johnson/Cameron with the same education (Eton/Oxford) have such opposing views?

Here we might introduce some AI (Artificail Intelligence) as a device for improving our prognosticaions, the Robot then, as the impartial  arbiter (if it can beat all the Chess Masters why not?)­­­­
Image result for robot

In such a heated national debate in the U

there were no impartial specators, no one is free from their biases, no ideal observers observing from a God position on that rock of all seeing all knowing, The Referendum was all too human and riddled with all too humans bisases of perceived self-interest

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