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Our personalities are neurally based

Contrary to Freud's pre neuro-scientific understanding PERSONALITY IS NEURALLY BASED
this is not a piece of continental flightiness.

Any veiws contrary to this assumption, however noble its pedigree is for the dustbin of history.

The foundations of which are lives are built, the proto self, which is engaged in the business of
homeostasis - of keeping our bodies alive and in chemical balance

- and we have no introspective 
experience of this lifeline, it is a complete stranger in spite of the fact it is the foundation on which our lives rest and on which the rest of our SELF is built,

In regard to that notion of self (our souls/spirits/that essential me and my very essence, there is always something elusive about our attempts to experience ourselves
what we encounter as we 'talk' to ourselves are hastily constructed constructs, that arise out of
cultural/politico/economic context

Wheneve our 'I' enters our thinking.  there is the requiremnt that it should speak to itself, address itself etc

Our SELF then, it could be argued is a series of constructs perched atop the proto-self, that engine of ourselves keeping us in  a state of  homeostatic equilibrium.

So, it could be argued  - one has to make that declaimer - tha the , the  self and the proto self 
are unattainable.

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