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Duped for centuries by the notion of ROMANTIC love.

\op songs (and culture in general) is top heavy with romantic allusions, ie I will die for you, don't leave me it will kill me, if you leave me I will commit suicide

Where does this kind of soppiness emanate from?

One has to trace back to the Troubadors Image result for troubadors
Some have argue that the Provençal troubadours deserve our attention as much as Chaucer, Petrarch, and Dante

579 × 430 -

He seranades the lady in the tower and here we have the genesis of Romantic love.   We proceed onto a lifetime of pap. Why and how?  Because there is money in sentimentality?

For a long time now, especially in our imaginative arts, we have actually valorized the idea of compulsive, obsessional love: a love that won't let go of its objects, even while falling off a cliff or drinking poison with them. This kind of love is, in a sense, both exciting [Freudian death-drive, anyone?] and a menace to society [if one believes in any kind of com

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perfect child caught in a freeze-frame" mbrace and risk “the destruction and rearticulation of the human in the name of a more capacious, and . . . less violent world, not knowing in advance what precise forms our humanness does and will take”

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