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The destruction and rearticulation of the 'human'

in Judith Butler's words, that we might have to be willing to embrace and risk “the destruction and rearticulation of the human in the name of a more capacious, and . . . less violent world, not knowing in advance what precise forms our humanness does and will take

A programmable robot-girlfriend, who satisfies your every need with no demands of her own? A relationship that you are fully in control of, with no need to make yourself emotionally vulnerable? Who, because she has no emotional or psychological history or time of her own, never has desires or needs that conflict with your own?
A second self as inauthentic as you have become.

These types of relationships — even online relationships with other “avatars” that you can disconnect from at a click of a button — placate us through the illusion that we are perfect creatures in complete control of our bodies and minds.

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