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Will you know your movements are being decided by another power.

Rats have been implanted with micro chips in various experiments' to contact earthquake vistims say or communinicate telepathically.

In these experiments the ‘will’ of a living agent, its ‘spontaneous’ decisions about its movements, were taken over by an external agency.

So the philosophical question here is whether the unfortunate (or fortunate they get good labarotory meals) rat was aware that something was wrong, that its movements were being decided by another power.

And when the same experiment is performed on a human being, which as Slavoj Zizek points out, shouldn’t be much more complicated than it was in the case of the rat, will the implanted person be aware that an external power is deciding his or her movements?

And if so, will this power be experienced as an irresistible inner drive, or as coercion?

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