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Catholic unlikely to be affected by implantation of micro chips in the brain

As technology advances and relentlessly it will implants into the human body to improve our performance, to impove our memory and aid connitve enhancement is now commonly discussed.

There are doubters about all this #progress' but there is one section of our society that should have no fear and that is Catholics

Catholic believers would be the ideal people to engage in biogenetic manipulation, since they would be aware that they were dealing only with the material aspect of human existence, not with the spiritual kernel.

Ah, you see, their faith would protect them from reductionism of being technology's pawns.

For you see Catholics (and other believers) have have an autonomous spiritual dimension,
and there essential souls, spirits, essences would remain unviolated.

So there is no need for Catholics and otther believers the coming tsunami of  biogenetic manipulation.

That's nice isn't it?  One is happy for them


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