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Have you see this know the one that goes..

Have you seen this movie where  the hero (or often the heroine), is hunched over a computer and frantically working against time.  But no...her access has been ‘access denied’.

Ye God, what are we do movie goers who have forked up quite a lot of bukeroos to see this drivel.

Well, now  the audience are all in a state of extreme anxiety, 'access denied' what to do.more frantic button pressing and would you believe it ...our heroine has cracked the code. go back to one's popcorn.

Yes the heroine has cracked the code and discovered ...wait for it... that a secret government agency is involved in a plot against freedom and democracy.

Believing there is a code to be cracked is of course much the same as believing in the existence of well are told to believe,

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