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The Road Not Taken by a half of America

Trump Will Have Blood on His Hands

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The New York Times <>
Sat 04/08/2018, 15:05


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Contrarian | England
“Perhaps the reason Trump voters are so frequently the subject of caricature,
 is that they so frequently conform to type.” But you, the journalist,
too conform to a type and perhaps, I would submit, of a more insidious kind
and the 'other' I would suspect, regard you (all 60 million of them or so) as
 one of 'them'. Yes, a talker, appearing sylvan tongued to the anti Trump
converted. Conveying the familiar haut en bas tone, as if schooled in pseudo gravitas by Obama himself, yes, one of them, a metropolitan type, a city
dweller, insulated by ex cathedra approved articles from what many on the
other side of the aisle regard (the NYT as) the 'Pravda of our day.' You give
an execrable example of behaviour
by some thug which illustrates no more than thuggery is alive and well -
talk about straw targets, your inference being that
'they' the other side would support such cut-throat hooliganism.
There is no compare and contrast of your opposition being hounded out
of restaurants, mocked at press events (a more insidious violence than that
of the overt thuggery you cite) destruction at Berkeley et al, space precludes
me from going on.
The The divide in the US will widen unless the left descends from Mount Moral
 and offers some sort of olive branch to their fellow citizens, this also applies
to th to those (me) on the other side of that alarming and ever widening aisle. 
Not to do so will be rued by future American citizens regretfully - 
as that 'Road Not Taken'.
Dr Peter Cheevers

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