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You are what you speak

The Contrarian submits that you are what you speak

we cannot get outside we are in it, there is no Mount on high
that we can exclude ourselves from language, even thinking of such an action, to exclude ourselves from language  is carried out in language  there is a phenomenon called 'language dependent memoryFor bilingual people, this means certain memories are more closely linked to one language than the other – a phenomenon called language-dependent memory

Your blogger Peter Cheevers (the constrarian) has a DJ show twice a week, music is chosen
 by my memories and my associations with past events  -  this can be contained in the language of the song,which triggers my  memories of the event allied to my language.

The best example of memnory and language this in Marcel Proust's

A la recherche du temps perdu In In Search of Lost Time (also known as Remembrance of Things Past),where the narrator on tasting a madelaine past events are evoked.


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