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Why the TrumpBrexit voters looked elsewhere

The social-democratic left’s embrace of neoliberalism had caused its working-class supporters to look elsewhere. In Britain, the EU referendum freed the electorate from traditional party loyalties, allowing those economically ‘left behind’ by globalisation to mount a protest against a political system dominated by globalism’s support 

 the Leave/Remain Trump Clinton divide is essentially a cultural one.

The key indicator for Trump voters wasn’t class but race. He won the white vote in every age sector and at every education level, with the single exception of female college graduates.

The idea that ‘thick and stupid’ Trumpers amd Brexiterrs ‘lacked the necessary faculties to decide a country’s future’, whereas Remainers/Trumpers voted on the basis of Olympian rationality (well, they are elite or so they claim).  

Something that knitted the arguments together and amplified them was an Englishness which, like its transatlantic cousin, was expressed in militant nostalgia: ‘Take back control’; ‘Make America great again

Fuelled by successive breaches of trust and in the US the preening of a celebratory mediocrity

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