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What multi-culturalism demands of us and what is being urged upon us by multi-culturalism

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The Contrarian points out what multi-culturalism demands of us:  We need and we must marginalise or even desecrate our inherited customs and beliefs, 

yes you believers in tradition and value will just have to reassess everything you hold dear

even the institution of the 'family'...and if you are white...well then...poor you. In order to become an 'inclusive' society cast off all these long held values of yours, regardless of 
the new arrivals adapting to their new surroundings you, the indigenous people, must 
throw away the chains that imprisoned you in you former values
All this 'new think' (well it is orwellian) is being urged on 
former stable populations in the name of political cocrectness.

All this despite the fact that many great minds (Burke) political order requires cultural unity, something that politicians cannot provide for custom and tradition are the preconditions of our political order, without them we will
disintegrate into the powder of indivuality.

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