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The dye of Civil War in America is cast

Trump’s “Surrender Summit” with President Vladimir Putin of Russia was such a disloyal, traitorous display that it boggles the mind.' What truly boggles the mind is Mr Blow's (the NYT jounalist) is his overblown assertions. Where in God's name is the nuance? He is right to say this is truly an American crisis moment. I would submit it is the leftist media who are fermenting it. By way of example Mr Blow's pre Helisinki headline read 'Trump Treasonous Traitor', in shy making alliteration. So the anti-Trump dye of bias was already cast. Just as the protest placards displayed xxx, we don't care who it is protest to Kavanaugh's Supreme Court nomination, we are against you; talk about blind rage. In the US between left and right verbal barricaded battle lines are drawn hard and fast, there is a tacit civil war in America and incendiary name calling and blind rage just fan the divisive flames.America could rightly question the loyalties of its own president...Trump’s “Surrender Summit”

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