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The anti-liberal forces advancing across Europe.

Illiberal forces (by that I mean voters who no longer support 
the quasi religious liberal Iefties progressives/globalists/open borders Utopian ideologues 
 are advancing across the European continent. 
Illiberal  governments have strengthened their hold on power in Poland and Hungary, while in Austria and Italy, parties  play a pivotal role in ruling coalitions
The Czech Republic, Slovakia and Slovenia all have powerful far-Right parties in, or close to entering, government.
Sweden, Finland and Denmark are in the same position.
But it is in Germany that the advance of the far-Right is most striking where Merkel hangs on by a political thread
Some may point to the French president Emmanuel Macron as proof of a counter-trend.
But Macron's fate is uncertain. It should not be forgotten that over a third of those who voted in the final round of the presidential elections last year opted for Marine Le Pen, 
What next?  Canada

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