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Sweden and Canada compete for craziest policies award

28 July 2018
9:00 AM
The latest exciting news from that bastion of progression, Sweden, is that it may very soon be possible for surgeons to perform uterine transplants, so endowing a man who has ‘transitioned’ into being a strange approximation of a woman with the ability to gestate a child. And to give birth, after a fashion. The benighted child would need to be hacked out of the man’s midriff, because there’s not enough room down there for a child to come out naturally (yes, because he’s a man).
Sweden — the world leader in uterine transplants — is anxious to reclaim the title of the world’s most batshit crazy nation, which the Canadians and that simpering idiot Justin Trudeau currently have in their grasp. The uterus stuff will undoubtedly help. So, too, the fact that in some places, such as Gothenburg, transgendered women (i.e. men) are now allowed in women-only bathhouses and saunas — a policy that is comically at odds with the authorities’ desire to accede to the right of Muslim women to bathe without men being nearby.

Soaring in the polls are the Sweden Democrats, on a platform of no more immigration, opposition to the wilder demands of the LGBTQI lobby, and support for the church, state and traditional nuclear family. Show a Sweden Democrat a transitioned uterus and he or she will almost certainly put it back where it belongs, with or without anaesthetic.

And remind everyone that the liberal democracies of the West, which we all love and cherish, can become very illiberal and not remotely democratic when the idiotic shibboleths of the liberal elite are challenged. Then it turns kinda fascisty.

or supporting evidence, I would direct you, m’lud, to the loathing and opprobrium and threats spewed out by the European Union at every populist party which has entered government on our continent, from Stettin in the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic — via Budapest, Vienna, Prague, Bratislava, Munich and even Athens.
In general the rule is this: the more vacuously liberal the ruling elite, the bigger the surge for the populists, or for populist legislation. The latest two countries in Europe to ban the burka? Denmark and the Netherlands. The people of Europe, even the hand-wringers, have long since had enough

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