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Liberals! their God-ache is our Head-ache

The 'Libertarian'  spirit is a quasi religious thing that manifests itself because of a truant deity, so their God-ache becomes our Head-ache.  What undergirds their cri de couers is a quasi religious morality
which they stridently voice but upon inquiry these moralisers can give no cogent  justification for their moral preening (apart from resorting to ad hominen name calling if you disagree);
for how can one justify morality, what justifies its  justification?  Some, rather unkindly, have referred tot the younger element in the Libertarian movement as the zit and snog element, however
the 'young' must have their voice.  If this movement which is populism of a different hue, has its day
allied to the ongoing Inquisition of the Trump probe, then its advocates might do well to be cognizant of the fact the history is not deterministic (it will all be better after Trumps goes)  but History is
un deterministic, so those barking at the moon and hoping for a new dawn, might look to the vagaries of the weather, which many have endeavoured to determine without being aware of the storm that is brewing after that new dawn.

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