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Enticing the reader by being cruel about Mike Pence

(A reply tp Frank Bruni of the NYT for his article castigating Mike Pence) I know let up open with a good dose of incantatory language
'Pence is... also self-infatuated. Also a bigot. Also a liar. Also cruel.' Also...well there is only so many also's without the
readers' attention flagging,
But is not this ad hominen attack a little cruel? Here one might speculate on Mr Bruni's characteristics; perhaps a touch bilious, animus aplenty, but hey in his defence if you can't dip your pen in a little vitriol how do you divert the US citizens from their breakfast porridge. The problem with such journalism is that it wears the ex cathedra badge (issued from
on high from the offices of the NYT)  although this may give it credence it does not give it virtue.  Desecrating the personality of the opposition is not a successful ploy for the Democrats in the mid terms.  Still in defence of Mr Bruni one is not writing for a fishing magazine even if he has used rather cruel bait to entice his reader.

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