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History is not deterministic it is undertministic

What would happen in the US if the leftist Inquisition (the Mueller probe etc) suceeds and brings Trump down.  This is a real probability because the power held by the leftist media and the 'talking'
society, who by their blathering have the power to influence.

So to the point that History is undeterministic we can  look at the evidence as illustrated in an article
by Linda Colley in the London Review of Books.

There have been a few genuinely world-altering events that seem to have happened in an instant. The men who dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima on 6 August 1945 were deploying technology that had taken decades to develop. Nonetheless, in carrying out that act, these US airmen did effect an almost immediate transformation in the nature of warfare and in attitudes towards it. 
Many momentous changes, however, have taken centuries to work through. Consider the terrible outbreak of plague in the 14th century known as the Black Death. Europe suffered disproportionately, losing perhaps 50 per cent of its total population. One result of this, however, was that the living standards and wages of many of those who survived seem to have improved. This, it has been suggested, led in time to a marked increase in Europeans’ food consumption and demand for consumer goods. And this rise in demand may well in turn have contributed to the increasing number of European trading voyages across the world’s oceans in the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries. Even traumatic shifts in human history can have mixed and sometimes useful consequences.
So epic changes are very occasionally rapid, but sometimes stretch over centuries. Most commonly, though, major changes become apparent within the canonical span of a human lifetime: three score years and ten. Consider the dramatic changes that have occurred in Germany in the seventy or so years since the Second World War, and the multiple, multinational consequences of this.
So if Trump is brought down which is a real possibility there may be many on the left
who will believe in determinism a good thing has been brought about, but history
tells us that post the event there will be undeterministic consequences, such as riots
extreme civil disorder etc and one can already see evidence of that in an embryonic
form across the US breakfast tables

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