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Why Machiavelli smirks from his grave

'First, Trump isn’t Reagan', really, thank you for that. One notices how the the name calling 'derangement' of Republicans ' is quickly slipped in. 'Kim plans to be ruling North Korea when one of Chelsea Clinton’s kids is president, even if this is tongue in cheek, one suspects that it would be perfectly acceptable to the writer for the Clinton dynasty to continue. Kim is the child of a dynasty.That sort of thinking is on the banality level of 'you go low while we go high', and Mr Obama is supposedly uber intelligent. But let's cut back to the chase; Machiavelli I suspect smiles from the grave in the knowledge of how goals are achieved, not through the verbose talking class, the soi disant educated, the Liberals who vaunt their higher than thou principles which are derived from their dystopian claim to 'morals' which are no more than shallow sentiments (David Hume), F... Trump is their mantra, they employ the thesaurus of war for their arguments, 'quisling' 'resist' traitor' and the resolve to the ad hominen when one disagrees with them, 'bigot' etc. But then so do the Republicans. The ensuing divide is so large in America it is once again the sans culottes against the bourgeoisie and we all know how the French Revolution came about; yes, one envisages a Beckettian fractured waste land brought about by the talkers, the educated, the 'experts', the quasi religious moral grandstanders, the dehumanizing progressives... and my conclusion? Thank God Trump is not a politician

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