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Trump - upsetting the Status Quo

For American voters, it means understanding the real stakes of this year’s midterm elections. They are a referendum on American ideals that are older than any of us.' So is this article an exemplar of 'American Ideals'? By this account there is not one redeeming feature to Trump; how about , in the service of illustration, a compare and contrast Trump's performance on N Korea to he of the giant intellect, Obama. The EU of which Merkel is its chief advocate is comprised of unelected beaurocrats and is in the opinion of many irredeemably corrupt; shine a torch on their tariffs for one; their NATO contributions et al. Naturally and understandably each country is out to protect its back economically, but Trump is the one who has brought our attention to a status quo which very well might be rotten and if you don't like the manner in which he did it you are in the cultural chains of snobbism in which most 'educated' people are imprisoned. Ask yourself, would a continuation of the status quo, the Clinton dynasty, have been better?

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