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Compare and contrast Shelley to Robert de Niro and Michelle Obama anti Trump rhetoric

England | Pending Approval
What we should/might be striving after is Religion without a God; for instance Albert Einstein claimed '...that though an atheist he was a deeply religious man.' Shelley (the poet - I elucidate that for any Robert De Niro language enthusiasts out there; a useful exercise for NYT readers would be to compare and contrast Shelley to De Niro anti-Trump language, or to a Michelle Obama banality 'You go low while we go high.' What?) To continue: Shelley declared himself an atheist who nevertheless felt that, 'The awful shadow of some unseen Power/Floats though unseen among us…' My problem with Religion is if there is not just one Universe but Multiverses and that in space there is no sign one will ever come across saying 'Space Stops Here!' (Don't think about infinity it is too mind boggling). So bearing the scientific fact that there are an infinite number of Universes and space is ever expanding, where might this 'God' reside? As to our humble planet, Earth, the report card on God's watch thus far, is s/he is supposedly 100% beneficent then why has s/he been only 20% effective? Is this not a tad perverse?

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