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Would you sell your 'soul'?

Experiments carried out where people were asked to sign a paper selling their 'souls; in exchange for $5 which their would get in their hand right away, was rejected by nearly everybody.

When asked to describe the 'soul' and what and where it it, no one had a clue, apart from
the mysterious 'esseence' 'spirit' et al.

Or as Proust has it:
Notre âme totale n’a qu’une valeur presque fictive, malgré le nombreux bilan de ses richesses, car tantôt les unes, tantôt les autres sont indisponibles, qu’il s’agisse d’ailleurs de richesses effectives aussi bien que celles de l’imagination, et pour moi pour exemple tout autant que de l’ancien nom de Guermantes, de celles combien plus graves, du souvenir vrai de ma grand-mère.

 Considered in its entirety at any given moment, the human soul has no more than a fictitious value for all its array of riches, since now some of these, now others, whether actual or imaginary, are inaccessible

The disturbances of ones memory are linked the intermittences of the heart’ (soul)

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