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Proust and Trump

Proust's awkwardness came to seem, if not a virtue, certainly a kind of signature.
Trump's tweets  came to seem, if not a virtue, certainly a kind of signature.

Proust informs us that the countries we long for occupy more space in our lived life than the country we physically inhabit –

For the anti-Trumpers  How much further does their anguish, sense of betrayal .visceral hatred of the man,  penetrate in psychology than even psychology itself!’

Yes, New York Times jouranlists for instance, coult tell you a thing or two in their thier op-eds on Trump, how much more sharply suffering probes the psyche than does psychology itself.

But if you ask writers to talk about Proust, most of them will talk about themselves.

On Trumps election, the left, globalists, diversity, open borders addicts have encounter an upheaval or convulsion of their entire being,so certain they were that the Clinton (money machine) dynasty would
continue for another 4 perhaps 8 years and you have to be really 'educated' to desire that.

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