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On being as blinkered as the Iranian Mullahs

So, it's hats off to Trump again (North Korea) for nosing out another Obama dud (you have to be really educated (Harvard) to be that naive. Although it must deeply painful for the Liberal intelligentsia and half the US population to accord any merit to the Donald, there is something about street nous  (Trump types) that engages with the 'real'  world, whereas an apprentice ship in Community Service followed by a good finishing school like Harvard  blinkers one to the  'real world'.  One emerges believing  one is now primed for the real world but one has been blinkered by one's (sorry for the blitz of 'ones' it is due to an English education)
so 'one' is partially lobotomised by one's mentors the 'talkers', the tenured hermeunetes so one is
constrained in the 'experts'  ideology, not well, the Iranian Mullahs?

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