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'Integrity' that ambiguous virtue that gives theory a coating of sanctity

Law as Integrity.  at first that this title was designed merely to give the theory a coating of sanctity But the term makes a significant point. 

Consider what an ambiguous virtue integrity is. It can be ascribed with grudging respect even to someone whose principles you reject and whose purposes you oppose. 

A person of integrity is someone whose conduct follows from his principles (one should enquire here how his/her principle been derived)

the response might be my principles have been derived  in spite of public opinion, official pressure or personal temptation, and my principles are manifested in my conduct which forms in me a certain kind of morally intelligible whole.  Even if these values are wrong in the opinions of many,

So 'Integrity' is ab ambiguous virtue, no more than a theory, and gives one's integrity theory a coating of sanctity.

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