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We are not drowning we are waving.

The response to an NYT article: Criticising Republcans 

This article is hardly into its stride before the ad hominen vitriol commences 
Ryan 'an obvious con man' (Ryans) 'proposals were always frauds'; 'so how did such an obvious con artist' the tirade continues as if this journalist's fulminations is inducing in him a touch of the Tourettes.
 It goes on, 'How did the most corrupt presidential candidate in American history eke out an Electoral College victory?' Duh? perhaps the voters decided that Trump was less corrupt than the Clintons. 
'... if you look at Ryan’s actions, not the character he played to gullible audiences' there you have the inbuilt arrogance of those who lost, they, the deplorables,  could not have been discerning voters only gullible dupes, or otherwise they never have 'voted for that crook'.  And then as if we were some kind of Polonius types hiding behind the Arras, indulging in good humoured raillery he pierces us with a startling aperçu  'but only if Ryan's  successor is a Democrat can we be saved.'  'We'  don't want to be saved for we are not drowning we are waving.  Capiche?                                               

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