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Spewing onto the page

This is a quite extraordinarily vindictive anti-Trump piece which appeared to spew on to the page; in reading its attack dog style I thought my God where were these people educated? But obviously that is the real world of anti-Trumpers their distaste and animus of him is so strong they do indeed need to retch at the mere thought of him. But such revulsion hardly makes for a happy bed fellow  with rational thought. 
 Let us roll the clock forward: a special Counsel is commissioned to delve into Hillary, maybe it will be her turn for that Stalinist type knock on the door in the dead of night; as all this unsavoury 'Stormy' and deleted emails unravel, at some juncture there will have to be a compare and contrast between choices open to the American public in their last Election and  the conclusion might be that is was, well, limited to say the least

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