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Biased view in the NYT, against those who work at Fox.

One side view in the NYT, against those who work at Fox. spewing vitriol against Fox workers
you comment on this bias - NYT won't publish it.  When one see these machinations at the NYT
one can onl compares it to Pravda at the height of the Cold War

I quote what the journalist wrote and respond to it.

'... doing my small part to try and correct misinformation and to reach those lost in Fox’s fog.'
Would it be terrible amiss to say this is my small part in interpreting the above statement as arrogance under the guise of humility?

'The conversations were predictably shallow, tilted and exploitative.' So why did you appear - no doubt an act of intellectual largess on you part to induct these underlings  in your wisdom. Mr Blow you come across as a priest in disguise, if not that then a touch of the Coleridges.
'The hosts had a particular knack for asking the idiotic with chipper earnestness' you have to be really educated to refer to others as idiotic; 'spewing venom through simpering smiles'  are you not doing something  of a similar nature in this article. 'There was, I felt, maleficence at work with a pretense of positivity,'  my goodness you felt a great deal some of which might  not have been in the imagined ether. You are obviously a very feeling person, aren't we all?  But one has to say that feeling so much smacks of paranoia. 'I knew well that I was swimming in a shallow intellectual pool'; but how did you gauge this, was it you deigning other intellects from atop an intellectual Mount Parnassus. 
I could go on throughout the article, but the futility of endeavouring to temper the quite terrifying fracture  in American society, not aided by  such opinionated animus in this article makes one  just throw one's  hands in the air.

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