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On how our culture will turn out.

England | 
This was a well-written and thought provoking article but as to speculating on possible future cultural developments. it might be more profitable by looking back to say around 3000 years ago, where we can recognise modernity in the dignity, humour, wiliness, love and loyalty, the fondness for fine clothes and food of the Greeks; even if we find the incessant bloody sacrifices of animals and the omnipresent louring presence of those supposed gods for whom human beings were merely puppets dangled at their whim. Along came Darwin and poured a corrosive acid on our desires for a meaning to life; as to cultural tropes and memes look at what happened to the avant garde, it became entre, and then derriere garde, As it was in the past, so too with all future cultures. But we have moved on, how and why? The tribal death cults and the Greeks deferring to their numerous Gods was an apparently necessary stage between the gene-led rote behaviour of apes and our modern universality.

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