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Compare David Hogg's freedom to Laura Ingrahams

mocking David Hogg, one of the student-activists who became a voice for gun control after a shooter murdered 17 people at his high school in Florida last month  has done for Laura Ingraham as the left wing media who have it.

But let us compare and contrast the freedom of David to Laura

David's freedom to expression
It’s ironic that he’s calling on everyone to “love thy neighbor” and to end the “mudslinging” because he certainly hasn’t practiced what he’s preaching. Over the past several weeks, he has referred to the NRA as “child murderers,” called Dana Loesch “disgusting” and accused her of not caring about children’s lives, smeared Republican Sen. Marco Rubio by claiming he’s bribed by the NRA in exchange for the lives of Florida students, and blasted Republicans as “sick f–kers” for not meeting his standards on gun reform. And judging from his boycott campaign, Hogg’s solution to save children’s lives is to bully the opposition into silence

Laura's freedom to expression   was to point out that David  was not able to get into various colleges because his academic standards were not high enough.  

Judging by his foul mouthed attacks on anyone who disagrees with him
one feels the Colleges decision making was perceptive.

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