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BBC bias - because its journalists have graduated from ideological factories

'Fake' mews is when news is slanted, subltely skewered to serve a particular view
under a pretence of being 'balanced'.
One could give many instances of this however suffice to say that the
indigenous population and now many politicians in the UK are outraged by the post referendum bias by the supposedly impartial BBC
The BBC is the state broadcaster in the UK, it rules the UK air waves, its work force who get staggeringly inflated salaries on the public purse are in the main irredeemably leftist having been pigeon fed in leftist liberal views at their elite ideological factory Universities.
There is a swell of opinion that BBC journalists, emerge from University pathologically homogeneous, who then go on to claim a kind of priesthood for their opinions which they then pronounce with all the gravitas of someone atop Mount Parnassus. As a result their lauded, specious claim to impartiality is risible as they are all singing from the same leftist hymn sheet and if they didn't well...they would be shown the door.

article by Peter Cheevers printed in the Observer newspapaper 2.4.18

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