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Poor France, poor California

One hears today of another terrorist attack in France and the tragedy therein.
I used to visit Paris a lot and indeed lived there for a while, we are talking more than a decade or two back, I thought France was God's country, I don't visit France any more,  Why?  Because of globalist no border policies and sentiments advocated by Macron - what is my evidence, well got to Paris and look how the Avenues are populated by immigrants and homeless and if you can't make it to Paris then visit California for a taster of this phenomenon engineered by a leftist cabal.  One's quality of life is being devalued by people such as Macron, one notes he is a banker (I said banker) and that the etymology of Macron might be Maceroon, and his main claim to fame is a prolonged hand shake. Allow me the humour. All I can say is pauvre France, they elected Mitterand, if you recall that pudgy man on the back of a scooter holding his baguettes on the way to see his actress, yes poor France and their cowed electorate and poor California, something
of beauty has been lost as the cobblestones continue to be smeared with excreta.

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