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On the New York Times calling Trump an idiot

The tone of anti Trump language in the New York Times in both its journalism and comments is quite astonishingly vituperative. It can only be  driven by a faintly pathological desire to destabilise the Presidency, Talk about ad hominen, no personal  insult is too harsh. This article might have been titled 'Journalist at War'. Could it be that this 'perilous moment' has been engineered by the endless assault on Trump's persona - that aspect of someone's character that is presented to or perceived by others. 'The world is closing in on Trump and he is in an existential fight for his own survival.' Yes and you Mr Blow, into the valley of death type assault is leading the charge, thereby bringing about the very instability in your country you lament.,'He has an inflated view of his own skills, talents and expertise' judging by this over bearing article this is also patently true of Mr Blow. By example, the following haut en bas comment demonstrates the key blindness of the soi disant educated journalist. 'He prefers casual conversation to literary examination'opting to listen rather than to read, which is both a sign astounding arrogance about one’s information absorption.'  Indeed it is this very information absorption of Mr Blow that hinders him into a tunnel vision, it is education that hides bounds Mr Blow into casually referring to people as 'idiots' well, you have to be really well read and 'educated' to call people an 'idiot'. 

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